Mission Statement

Quality in Care

Kent Farm is committed to quality in care through the provision of a safe, comfortable environment, the promotion of a greater quality of life experience for its residents and the encouragement of excellence in the capability, responsibility and professionalism of its employees and the service they provide.

•  To ensure that clients are treated as individuals within the home and that their rights are protected
•  To encourage and enable clients to lead a life that is fulfilled
•  To encourage and help to sustain the independence of our clients
•  To ensure that our clients are treated with respect and to conserve their dignity
•  To promote and observe the right of the clients to expect and receive their desired level of privacy
•  To promote, encourage and facilitate the right of clients to make choices that affect their everyday lives
•  To safeguard our residents at all times and ensure they are protected from abuse of any nature

1. All prospective clients will receive copies of:
•  An accommodation and Service Agreement
•  The Aims and Objectives of the Home
•  The Complaints Procedure
•  The latest CQC Review of Compliance Report

2. All residents will be entered on the electoral register and arrangements made for postal voting as required

3. All residents will be enabled to practice their religious beliefs

4. By assessing the collective and individual needs and aspirations of residents we will endeavour to provide access to:
•  Facilities within and around the Home
•  Amenities in the locality
•  Activities and entertainment both within and outside of the Home
•  Facilities for the perusal of hobbies and interests
•  Therapeutic services

5. By assessing levels of individual ability we hope to maintain, encourage and facilitate:
•  The performance of daily personal tasks
•  Mobility in and around the Home
•  Personal administration of medication
•  Personal management of financial affairs
•  Freedom of activity outside the Home

6. Management and staff will ensure that:
•  Residents will always be addressed formally or in the manner of their choosing
•  Personal standards of appearance can be maintained
•  Any need for assistance does not cause embarrassment to the resident

7. Residents and guests will be made aware of their rights to privacy.  Proprietors and staff will ensure that:
•  All residents will have free access to bathing and toileting facilities with the provision of appropriate aids to enable resident to undertake personal care
•  Staff assisting with or providing personal care will always ensure privacy and respect for the resident and will ensure that any relevant doors are not left open
•  Occupied bedrooms will not be entered without permission unless there is cause for concern
•  All mail addressed to residents will be passed on promptly and unopened to the resident or (in certain cases) the relative
•  Facilities will be made available to make private telephone calls
•  Residents will be able to entertain relatives and guests in their own bedrooms
•  Visitors will not be shown bedrooms without express permission of the present occupant
•  All files kept on residents are confidential.  Residents will be given access to their files on request
•  Provision is made for conversations with proprietors to be held in private if required

8. In recognizing the right of residents’ choice we will ensure that:
•  Residents are given the opportunity to make comments and express their wishes through regular residents’ meetings or individual discussion.
•  Residents will always be encouraged to choose what clothes to wear on a day-to-day basis, if they so wish.
•  Residents may, if they wish to, incorporate personal items of furniture and ornaments within their bedrooms subject to Health and Safety regulations.
•  Personal choice of GP, Optician, Dentist and Chiropodist  etc. is respected
•  Although encouraged to do so, residents may choose whether or not they wish to participate in social activities
•  Varied menus are provided and that residents preferences will be catered for where practicable.  Special dietary needs will be catered for